Here is where I post the proof for transparency of my wagers.

Bucs (3.5) Winner ✅

A little too close for comfort here. Bucs almost blew it but prevailed in overtime to score a game covering touchdown.

Kansas (-22.5) Winner ✅

Kansas dominates Missouri. Missouri has no defense and a terrible offense. Kansas hung a 100+ on them.

Kings (-6.5) Winner ✅

Controlling the game from the tip, took advantage of fast break points and fresh legs!

Packers (-11) Winner ✅

Packers once again control the bears in the 2nd half. Despite being down double digits early, Rodgers and the packers had no problem tearing up the Bears in the second half.

Texas Tech (+4) Winner ✅

Outright winners on the road vs Tennessee! Terrible game to watch honestly.

James Madison (+4) Winner ✅

Outright winners at home!!

Patriots (+3) Winner ✅

Patriots lead from start to finish! Great defense and only needed to throw the ball 1 time!

Bulls (-4) Winner ✅

Chicago ends up dominating the Nuggets short-handed!

Broncos/Chiefs (under 46.5) Winner ✅

31 total points in just a boring game! But we love it!

Rams (-12.5) Winner ✅

Dominating win for the Rams. They needed Thai to get back on track at home.